Linz-Gmunden-Innsbruck in July 2003 (2)

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After changing trains another time at Attnang-Puchheim, we arrived to Gmunden. This is a holiday-resort at Lake Traeunsee with 13,000 inhabitants, and with a 2.3 km long meter-gauge tramway service that was launched in 1894.

Normally the only vehicle in regular traffic is one of three 4-axle cars (a Lohner and two D▄WAGs), but these days a Siemens Combino low-floor tram was doing rounds as a special (promotional) visitor from Nordhausen.

The Combino took up much of the space in the carbarn, so one of the ex-Vestische Strassenbahn DUEWAG cars was stored at the railway station, which is one of the termini of the line.

Combino on its way to the railway station.

The carbarn. If IIRC, the whole service is operated by only five people!

What a lovely place!

The low-floor car climbing up...

.... the quite steep (up to 10 percents!) tracks.

Before the line reaches the shores of the Trauensee, it passes through scenes like this...

The Combino one stop before the city terminus.

After a few hours we continued our journey through the Alps, heading for...

... Innsbruck

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