Linz-Gmunden-Innsbruck in July 2003 (1)

I'm not like the average rail-fan rover, who would travel thousands of kilometers through countries to get to his destination over the longest possible path. I've always thought of trains as point-to-point transportation, yet, my good friend Mr. András Báti was able to talk me into a three-day voyage inside Austria, hitting three tramway operations.

We first changed trains at Vienna, heading for Linz. As we arrived in this Danube city with the strange 900 mm-gauge tramway network, the weather showed the symptoms of typical "Hamster-weather": clouds, with a feel of an upcoming rain. I wasn't all too happy about this...

Tramway traffic was detoured around the railway station because of the construction of a new underground stop, right below the station.

You can see signs of the tunnel-building, left from the Bombardier Cityrunner low-floor tramcars.

An eight-axle Lohner tramcar on a temporary one-track section in the inner city.

The car on the pictures was built by Bombardier-Rotax as an eight-axle car, but a few years later it was extended with another middle piece.

Another eight-axle articulated car.

A ten-axle Bombardier-Rotax articulated car after passing the Danube.

Just like in Graz last year, riding with the Cityrunner was a convincing experience, it's one of the neatest low-floor vehicles I've ever saw.

Another Cityrunner.

Trolleybus-tram overhead crossing.

Unfortunately we only had about an hour here, as our train was leaving for our next destination...

... Gmunden,  world's smallest tramway operation

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