Trams of Zagreb, part 3.
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Like as if we were in Germany: "Mannheim-type" in front of a modern tower.

Although photographically this picture is not a favorite of mine, you can nicely observe the small wheel-base, the height of the platform and the different door-widths of the 101.

The 4-axle trailer of a 101.

The stairs of such a trailer - note the wooden floorboard!

KT4YU in the bend.

Draskoviceva is a wonderful place, and even more so for the tram enthusiast: ...

... because the trams look good with this background...

... and because of the "counter-arcs" (to the right from the Tatra) via which...

... trams turn to right into the streets from the side of the square.

I could've spent hours just taking photos here!

Trams run to the feet of the hills via Ribnjak...

... until they're reach Mihaljevac, where line 15 starts.

This short service with a mountain profile...

... runs with single Tatra cars.

Remember the junction we saw the previous day? Now it was closed for track maintenance.

When trams run on the side instead of the middle of the street, cars must park in the middle instead of the sides!

101 unit at the main railway station.

This is another location suitable for making good photos!

Tatra unit with the building of the main station (Glavni Kolodvor) in the background.

Another "Mannheim-Type".

Tatra at the Dinamo-Zagreb-Stadium.

DÜWAG in the suburbs. These tracks were in a bad state: the 101-series and the Tatras jumped and rippled like ships on the stormy see!

Gauntleted tracks at the start of the double reversing loop in Dobrava.

And this is how Zagreb bid farewell to us - also very nice! I enjoyed my stay here, and can only recommend a trip to this town for everybody. And not just for tram-freaks!

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