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UV - the workhorses of Budapest
Page II.

3300 on Fehér út, just before Éles sarok.

3301 on the since non-existent Route 13 under the railway bridge at Kőbánya-Hízlaló. The tram here goes on a single track in both directions for a few hundred meters - this is the only single-track section left in the Budapest tram network.

3302 on route 52A at Astoria in 1976.

3303 in Kelenföld remise after a fatal accident (fatal for the tram, fortunately not for anybody else).

3304 at the stub terminus of sub-route 47A at Madách tér.

3305 at Éles sarok.

3306 in the Száva remise.

3307 on Üllői út.

3308 accompanied by 3431 inside depot Száva.

3309 on Üllői út.

3310 inside remise Száva.

3311 at Budafok, Varga Jenő tér, the terminus of route 47. You can also see the terminus of route 43 in the background.

3312 at Szarvas tér, the temporary terminus of route 47 and 49 during track construction works at Tolbuchin (now Vámház) körút (the southern section of the Small Boulevard).

3313 and 3420 at Éles sarok.

3314 on the outer Üllői út.

3315 inside remise Száva.

3316 at Madách tér.

3317 in Bartók Béla út.

3318 near Astoria.

3319 at Határ út, Pesterzsébet. The old vehicle (made in 1911 by Ganz) to the right was just rebuilt and was running its test rounds.

3320 at Marx (now Nyugati) tér, terminus of route 47 and 49 until 1980.

3321 in the turning loop at Határ út.

3322 at the terminus of Route 52 in the Pesterzsébet "giant loop" (Pacsirtatelep).

3323 passing by the former Kispest remise.

3324 in Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út.

3325 at Szarvas tér.

3326 at Határ út.

3327 inside remise Száva.

3328 in remise Száva.

3329 - a picture damaged by my flatbed scanner...

3330 in twilight.

3331, the other car in the 3-piece set seen on the previous picture.

3332 at Astoria

3333 in the yard of Kelenföld remise.

3334 at Pacsirtatelep, on the 22nd of July, 2001.


3336 on Üllői út.

3337 at Móricz Zsigmond körtér.

3338 at Móricz Zsigmond körtér.


3340 at Budafok.


3342 at Kőbánya-Hízlaló.

3343 in Száva remise.

3344 in the yard of the Száva remise.

3345 on a sunny day at Ecseri út.

3346 at Kispest. I'm not sure why I photographed this against the sun - call it art :)


3348 at Szarvas tér.

3349 on route 13.

3350 at the junction Határ út-Török Flóris utca, Pesterzsébet.

3351 at Határ út.

3352 in the remise Ferencváros.


3354 inside remise Száva.

3355 in the Kispest fog.




3359 at Móricz Zsigmond körtér in 1978.

3360 in Mester utca.


3362 in the Pesterzsébet loop.

3363 at Béke tér, Pestszentlőrinc.

3364 at Budafok.

3365 at Moszkva tér.

3366 coming out of the underpass under Lánchíd (Chain bridge).

3367 on Móricz Zsigmond körtér.

3368 at Boráros tér.

3369 at Döbrentei tér.

3370 at Visegrádi utca in 1978, when routes 4 and 6 were cut here because of the renovation of Margit híd (bridge).

3371 at Móricz Zsigmond körtér.

3372 near Budagyöngye on a depot ride.

3373 on the Grand Boulevard (Ferenc körút to be precise).

3374 in Kispest.

3375 at the Buda abutment of Petőfi híd (bridge).

3376 on the Grand Boulevard.

3377 dito.

3378 inside remise Száva.

3379 and 3450 at Pacsirtatelep.

3380 at Flórián tér riding the since lost route 11.


3382 at the Pest abutment of Margit híd (bridge).


3384 on the Grand Boulevard.

3385 leaving the underpass under Lánchíd. In the background you can see Buda castle.

3386 on Gróza Péter rakpart.

3387 at Móricz Zsigmond körtér.

3388 in Városmajor, at the terminus of the cogwheel railway.

3389 in Népszínház utca on a depot ride.

3390 inside remise Száva.

3391 near Lánchíd (Chain bridge).

3392 climbing onto Petőfi híd (bridge).

3393 at the termporary terminus of routes 4 and 6 at Visegrádi utca.

3394 near the Pest abutment of Margit híd (bridge).

3395 at Móricz Zsigmond körtér.

3396 at Szent László tér,Kőbánya.

3397 leaving Gellért tér for Batthyány tér.

3398 at Moszkva tér.

3399 in the reserve turning loop near the Buda abutment of Petőfi híd (bridge), which has been closed since.

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