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UV - the workhorses of Budapest
Page I.

Attention! There are so many thumbnails on this page that it might take some time to load them!


While I tried to select nice photos, the quality of some of them is not the best. I used several cameras during my "tramspotting sessions", some of them was better, some of them was worse. The weakest link in the process of getting the pictures posted here were: the chemists (they've damaged a few of my negatives quite badly), my scanner and of course my clumsiness :-) Things got much better when I bought a digital camera - but unfortunately some cars were gone by then. In these cases I took an old photo taken by me, or one from the collection of my good friend, Mr. Ákos Baracsy. All pictures taken before 1996 were taken by Mr. Heinz Heider. I'd like to thank him again for letting me to use kis marvellous photos!

Let's start at the beginning: on this picture you can see UV number 3200 - the very first car in the series - on the outer section of route 41.

Number 3201 near Móricz Zsigmond körtér.

A 3202 on Váci út, coming from Lehel (then Élmunkás) tér.

3203 at Móricz Zsigmond körtér.

3204 in front of the Újpest City Hall in 1977.

3205 at Angyalföld remise.

3206 in front of the Újpest City Hall.

3207 in Béke utca.

3208 in front of the Újpest City Hall.

3209 in the Kelenföld depot.

3210 goes sunbathing at Móricz Zsigmond körtér. The turning loop in which the double set (two motorcars) on the picture turns does not exist anymore - before the renovation of the square in 2002 it was only used during detours and temporary track closures.

3211 in Béke utca at the temporary terminus of route 14 at the crossing of Frangepán utca, during track maintenance works in 1980. This is an interesting photo because UV's were not used on this route normally.

3212 at the outer terminus of route 50.

3213 inside remise Kelenföld.

3214 at Lehel tér in 1980.

3215 at the old terminus at Örs Vezér tere. At that time I took the picture, the place was rebuilt to its current state, when it's no longer a terminus, but part of a normal line.

3216 and 3850 at Mexikói út. In the foreground you can make out the tracks for route 67 going towards the right side. Those tracks are not used since 1997.

3217 at Kelenföld remise.

3218 in István út, Újpest.

3219 on route 29 at Teleki László tér.

3220 at Béke tér, Angyalföld.

3221 in Lehel utca.

3222 on the short-lived route 52A at Gubacsi út.

3223 leaving Kádár utca.

3224 on Lehel utca.

3225 on Lehel utca.

3226 on Lehel (then Élmunkás) tér.

3227 at the Határ út metrostation.

3228 on Határ út.

3229 in Pozsonyi utca.

3230 at the crossing of Lehel utca and Dózsa György út in 1979.

3231 in remise Kelenföld.

3232, just a few steps away from 3231.

3233 at Népliget.

3234 at the crossing of Lehel utca and Dózsa György út in 1979. The 2-axle motorcar on the right is about to turn into Dózsa György út, heading for Váci út. This was a detour due to metro construction works.

3235 on Üllői út.

3236 at Móricz Zsigmond körtér.

3237 at Móricz Zsigmond körtér.

3238 at Kálvin tér.

3239 at Móricz Zsigmond körtér.

3240 at Kelenföld.

3241 at Marx tér, Nyugati pályaudvar.

3242 at Gellért tér.

3243 also at Gellért tér.

3244 on Szabadság híd in 1976.

3245 at Etele tér.

3246 turning onto Fehérvári út.

3247 on Szabadság híd.

3248, also on Szabadság híd, but about 25 years later.

3249 inside the BKV central workshop.

3250 has had a serious accident in the early seventies. It was first put aside and scrapped years later. Photo courtessy of Mr. Zsolt Levente Nagy.

3251 at the Pest bridgehead of Petőfi híd.

3252 on Szabadság híd.

3253 in front of Nyugati pályaudvar at Marx tér.

3254 was damaged in an accident, and then scrapped as early as 1975. This is the only photo I know of, it was given to me by Mr. Levente Zsolt Nagy.

3255 at Marx tér in 1975.

3256 at Gellért tér.

Number 3257 was left in its seventies-eighties condition until it was deleted from stock in 2001. It's now reserved for the Museum of Transportation, and is in storage.

3258 in the darkest hall of Kelenföld remise :)

3259 on Fehérvári út.

3260 at Móricz Zsigmond körtér.

3261 in the yard of remise Kelenföld. This car was later donated to the School for Sightless People.

3262 at the beginning of Bartók Béla út.

3263 at Kosztolányi Dezső tér.

3264 at Varga Jenő tér.

3265 at Gellért tér.

3266 on the Grand Boulevard at Mester utca.

3267 at Batthyány tér. Few days after I took this photo the car had an accident and was never repaired.

3268 at Kelenföld.

3269 at Deák tér, coming from Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út.

3270 inside remise Kelenföld.

3271 at Batthyány tér.

3272 at Gellért tér on a sleepy autumn morning.

3273 on the outer section of Bartók Béla út near the Kelenföld remise.

3274 turning back at Móricz Zsigmond körtér during a tempory detour of Route 19.

3275, the car coupled with 3274 seen above.

3276 on Bem rakpart.

3277 at Móricz Zsigmond körtér.

3278 at Móricz Zsigmond körtér...

3279 just before Móricz Zsigmond körtér.

3280 on Üllői út at the crossing of Ecseri út.

3281 in Bartók Béla út.

3282 at Határ út in 1979.

3283 on Bartók Béla út at the Bertalan Lajos utca stop.

3284 in Kispest.

3285 at Ecseri út.

3286 at Kálvin tér.

3287 at Móricz Zsigmond körtér

3288 at Örs vezér tere. .

3289 on Salgótarjáni út.

3290 at Ecseri út.

3291 on Salgótarjáni út.

3292 at the terminus of route 4 on Moszkva tér.

3293 just before reaching Nagyvárad tér.

3294 inside remise Zugló.

3295 reaching Nagyvárad tér.

3296 at Örs vezér tere.

3297 on Erzsébet királyné útja.

3298 on Üllői út, before crossing Könyves Kálmán körút.

3299 on the Grand Boulevard at Tompa utca.

More: 3300, 3400, 3800-series UV's

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