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"Open Gates Day" 2006 in Szeged II.

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One of the two-rooms-and-a- bath Bengáli trams in the yard.

Three ex-Dresden TB4 cars...

... could be observed on the storage tracks, the fourth one was donated to a nursery (or school) earlier this year.

The blue cars are trailers from Rostock, waiting to be converted to powered (motor) trailers ...

... and the red-white one is a meter-gauge KT4 from Cottbus.

The interior...

... and driver's cab of the Cottbus KT4.

And now: city life

An ex-Potsdam KT4 heading for Rókus station.

Coupled T6A2H set...

... at Rókus.

The interior of one of these cars.

An ex-Wuppertal Ikarus 417 acting as trolley supplementing service. Line 9 had had to be closed due to the flood of the river Tisza.

A "Bengáli" of route 4 at Novotel...

... and more of them at Tarján, where...

... a new two-track reversing loop is just being built for the Tatras, which are unidirectional vehicles.

Still-life: a Bengáli in a stop. I said "still"...

... because they are very loud while running - as you can hear on the video above.

Kecskés, the other terminus of route 4.

The stop Szalámigyár.

Video of a Bengáli arriving to said stop.

I conclude this page with this lone Bengáli in the stop Annaforrás, with the old city spa in the background.

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