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Budapest tram snapshots 2/3

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A wall of UV's at Deák Ferenc tér.

A small bit of trolleys again: a brand new Ganz-Solaris T12 trolley bus doing driving school on trolley route 76.

This new type was introduced in Budapest in March.

Generations: the Solaris trolleys should replace the old Ziu's. In the background you can also see an Ikarus 412T trolley, a hungarian type that's no more being built.

On the 15th of March we celebrate the memory of the 1848-49 uprising and revolution against the Habsburgs. This year three of the trams of route 2 received a special decoration. The one on the picture showed battle scenes from 1848-49...

... another one street scenes from the 1956 revolution...

... while the third wore the numbers "48" (for 1848), "56" (for 1956) and "89" (for 1989 - the year in which our new demoracy was found(ed)).

A "normal" tramcar on the same route, with the Sándor Palace (now Office of the Head of the State) in the background.

A wide-angle look at the Buda castle district, the embankment on the Pest side, and of course the Danube between the two...

Due to points failure route 37 trams took the path of route 28 at Teleki László tér, and then returned to their normal way via the winding tracks once used by "lost route" 29Y.

Only outbound trams took the detour - trams heading for József körút remained on their normal path.

A depot run of route 6 heading for depot Hungária via the winding tracks of route 29Y.

The Ganz driving school tram on the other side of the square.

Here comes the rain again: route 17 in Bécsi út. This place looks almost as if it was left untouched for 30 years or so. The automobile to the left is new, but the cobbles and the tracks are old and worn.

Another tram 17, in Frankel Leó utca.

Boy, was it cold! I'd say let's see a more sunny picture of the same route.

 Now, that's better!

Let's conclude this pictorial with pictures of the Pesterzsébet "giant loop", a somewhat anachronistic place, where routes 30 and 52 are running.

Gutter-running beauty.

What would you say, when there are no cars around: when was this picture taken? This small village has some timeless magic to it!

A Ganz articulated tram of route 30 at Szabótelep.

UV double-set - with new BKV logo! - at Nagysándor József utca/Jókai Mór utca.

The same bend photographed from another perspective, this time with a Ganz articulated car (also featuring the new BKV logo).

There are not many such tramlines left in this country. It's hard to believe that once these routes were heavily utilised!

Another UV double-set in Nagysándor József utca.

The section in Török Flóris utca has a different face: one side of the street is a rural area, the other is a "concrete towers" housing area. And inbetween: trams.

The outer terminus of route 30 and 52 is at Pacsirtatelep. The first service is likely to be shortened to Szabótelep this autumn, so the Ganz articulated as tram 30 here might become a memory in a few months!

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