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Berlin: a tale of two cities II.

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As I said, in most cases you can recognise whether you're in the former East-Berlin or West-Berlin area, but not around the Freidrichstrasse railway station.

Trams diving under the railway near said train station.

Although the sun went away, I still like this photo with the tram in its yellow-white livery.

Another low-floor tram, but this time with an all-over-ad. Quite colorful!

And we say goodbye to trams with this picture taken around Alexanderplatz.

West-Berlin's public transit is (as far as I can tell), dominated by U-Bahn lines and double-decker buses, like here at the Kurfürstendamm.

Another double-decker midst more worn sceneries.

You can see lots of three-axle buses, like this one, but of course also "normal" and articulated buses from different manufacturers.

Berlin's S-Bahn is different to the S-Bahn of most other german cities like Cologne or Munich: although it's also based on the "big railway", it features a third rail current system and lots of elevated sections and cuttings. And its EMU's are also very stylish.

An elevated station of the S-Bahn.

It's architecture with many riveted steel parts also contribute to the experience.

Staircase parade at Ostkreutz.

There are also multiple-platform stations at busy parts. Although the operator (and probably the city and country aswell) invested considerable ammounts of money into the re-coupling and modernisation of the split S-Bahn systems of the split cities, you can still see lots of construction works going on.

The S-Bahn and the U-Bahn feature many steel bridges...

... and run through some very historic sceneries.

We went on a 3-hour boat round-trip on the channels of Berlin - this is one of the pictures I took from the ship.

Berlin also features a subway system, which is two systems really: U1 to U4 are the so-called "small profile" lines with narrow cars and very winding routes, while the others, the "large profile" lines have more in common with the large underground railways of the world.

Some of the old U-Bahn lines feature nice stations. Some of them looked like palaces under the surface!

Remains of the Berlin Wall along the river Spree...

... and in the inner city.

I think you have to see these things, when you're here!

A painted panel in front of the famous Brandenburg Gate mixed present with the past...

Some already built tram tracks in Leipziger Strasse. I wonder if this line will ever be built!

Potsdamer Platz. Once this was the busiest place in continental Europe, than it was turned into the deserted "death strip" along the Wall during the cold war. Now all those empty places are beginning to be filled with life and modern architecture. The third face of Berlin?

The sky over Berlin...

This was my first visit here, but not the last I hope. I'm planning to come back here, and get to know this city with its sad history better!

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