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    Trams of Cologne 2.

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    A suburban train between the railway station and the Hohenzollernbrücke.

    The building of the main railway station. Tram lines are underground here.

    A little leap in space and time: we're now at stop Zoo/Flora: this is the first stop on the surface if you're coming from the main railway station. The vehicle is of course another car of type Stadtbahnwagen B.

    A not-quite-usual way of city public transportation: the cable car over the Rhine. It was built in 1957, the Zoobrücke (Zoo-bridge), which you can also see on this photo, was built later, in 1966. We were here on a rainy day but the view at the city was great!

    Tram stop Deutzer Freiheit with a K4000-set.

    Neumarkt: it was heavily raining when we got to this center-of-public-transportation. There is a loop around the middle of the square, but it's not used most of the time as trams on route 1 and 7 go by on the straight tracks seen here. Six other lines cross the place underground.

    A K4000 car featuring an all-over ad for a newspaper.

    Another leap in space and time: Ubierring, terminus of route 15.

    The door of a "Stadtbahnwagen B"...

    ... and the roomy interior.

    Still at Ubierring. Route 15 terminates in a turning loop here, but tracks go forward, too, heading for Bonn on the Rheinuferbahn ("Rhine-bank Railway"). The car on the picture is heading for a depot.

    Traversing trams.

    Bonner strasse seen from Chlodwigplatz: route 6 used to go here, but it was abandoned on 30. August, 2002.

    Barbarossaplatz is a junction for trams coming from and going to diverse directions.

    This Stadtbahnwagen B features different door leafs than the ones we saw before.

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