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"Vienna by rain"... III.

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But back to the present: an ULF and a c5 trailer pulled by an E2 in front of the remise.

E6+c5 on route 71.

We took this S-Bahn train at Wien Mitte and got to Praterstern (Wien Nord).

This is tramway Mecca...

... or better: it's a tramway Mecca when it's not raining.

A nice E1 on route 5.

Route O. That's not a zero, that's an O - apart from "normal" numbers there are also a few routes marked with letters.

Radetzkyplatz, still raining...

Another line marked with a letter: route N.

Schwedenplatz, my favorite...

.... tram-spotting place.

This picture shows how narrow these cars and trailers are!

More E1's.

This was the point when my camera's lenses got wet and steamy. This may look like a nice effect from an image-manipulating application, but in reality this was rather aggravating!

Schottentor, a few stops away from the last scene. This is where there are two turning loops: one up on the surface, and another - underground.

The underground loop is the terminus for five routes.

Trams sometimes queue up here.

One thing always bothered me here: how come there's no stilted platform besides the track? These vehicles are by no means low-floored, so this stop is not really comfortable...

The ramp leading to the underground loop: one goes down...

... another comes up.

And another.

You can also take nice photos at the loop on the surface (when it's not raining)!

Last but not least: the overpass of the former Stadtbahn (now U4) over a channel (the river Vienna), with a pedestrian flyover bridge over it. An interesting piece of architecture!

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