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Warsaw celebrating 100 years of electric trams

The celebrations started with an open day in "Zakład Eksploatacji Tramwajów R-1 Wola", which is a depot and workshop near the city center.

Number 1001 was standing near the entrance of the depot (left). I believe it is one of the oldest 105Na in Warsaw. To the right: two modernised versions of the 105N. The one further away is called 105N2k/2000 and is built by Konstal, the other is called 123N from Cegielski. They were built in 2000 and 2007 respectively. I would say it's a bit odd to build 4-axle, high-floor trams in the 21st century... but then, maybe I'm wrong.

A row of old trams was waiting for a parade taking place later. At the front was this open-platform Falkenried car, from the type "A". This series was built until 1912 by Falkenried of Hamburg and M.A.N. of Nürnberg, with electric equipment from Siemens&Schuckert.

To the left: the type "A" car had compartments. To the right: the type "K" was built around 1939 for Warsaw by "Waggonfabriken Königshütte" and "Domesky Eisenbahn Waggonbau" of Danzig, but they were first used in Berlin (as type TF40), until they were returned.

To the left: the type "N" was basically the polish version of the german KSW standard car. To the right: some works cars.

Three photos of 13N cars. The first two shows a "driving" (=first car in a double-set) car in its original state, the third shows a "pulled" car (=second car in a double-set). The round panel in the middle of the floor is quite possibly an inspection hatch for the PCC-type accelerator drum.

A quick peek into the tram workshop

To the left: all-over advertising seems to be popular in Poland. To the right: the large workshop next to the remise.

It seems the type "N" and its successors will never vanish from this country: we saw several car bodies and under-carriages.

Views of the large workshop hall.

These seem to be a bit different to the PCC bogies I know!

To our surprise, we saw a great number of 13N cars being repaired/renovated. It seems they'll be kept in operation for a while.

The parade

There were too many people near the entrance/exit of the depot, so instead we were waiting at the corner of Wolska and Towarowa for the tram parade.

To the left: the type "A" we already saw. To the right: type "Lw", built between 1925 and 29, and behind it, the type "K". The cars were going too close to each other, it was hard to take decent photos :( The type "Lw" trams were built in 1925-27 by Linke-Hoffmann of Breslau (Wroclaw), they were brought to Warsaw after the war.

The modern cars: 116Na (left) and 120N (right).

The 13N in its original state was also there (left). To the right: the parade coming off Most Slasko-Dabrowski.

Two more photos: the heritage 13N, and the type "K".

© Ákos Endre VARGA, unless stated otherwise. All rights reserved.

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