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    Budapest tram snapshots May-August 2006 part 2

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    Another leap in space: tram 30 at Könyves Kálmán körút, where...

    ... it runs parallel to route 1 for a few hundred meters...

    ... before diverging via an underpass.

    Did I mention I love to take pictures of trams in bends? :) Route 14 at Béke tér.

    Normally trolley bus route 76 does not run parallel to the Grand Boulevard tram routes, but due to a street being closed for the weekend, it did it anyhow. Of course there are no trolley bus overhead wires on the boulevard, so the new Ganz-Solaris vehicles had had to be used - they can also run on batteries.

    Metro in the making: the site of the prospective terminus of the M4 line at Etele tér.

    The reversing loop of route 6 at Móricz Zsigmond körtér...

    ... also became a victim of the metro: it was abandoned to make place for the construction site.

    A night shot of remise Zugló full of ex-Hannover TW6000 trams.

    Route 1 in Óbuda. This is how they imagined the communist future in the sixties and seventies: concrete-covered surfaces...

    ... and concrete highrise buildings everywhere. But at least they have kept the trams :)

    Of course a sight like this is more pleasing (for me at least): UV in Bartók Béla út...

    ... with a "tunnel of trees" above the tracks.

    On August 19 and 20 route 19 and 41 were temporarily shortened: ...

    ... they only went to the Chain Bridge (Lánchíd) instead of Batthyány tér.

    But these were also the last days of route 41 on the Danube embankment for a while: the service was cut in Fehérvári út from next monday, just like route 47.

    Another "possible last time": from monday tram 19 (on the left-hand side) got robbed of its trailers (=double-sets instead of triple-sets).

    Another tram 41...

    ... and another tram 19, with lots of people around.

    August 20 is a national holiday, and a huge storm has hit the city just in the middle of the traditional fireworks, with more than 1.5 million people watching it in the streets. There were many casualities, and even some fatalities. Some tram lines were also badly damaged in that storm, for example the section of route 3 and 62 between Mázsa tér and Ecseri út.

    Therefore they were detoured to Kőbányai út.

    They reversed partly at Orczy tér and partly at the crossover in Kőbányai út.

    Normally this is "Tatra territory"...

    ... with route 28...

    ... but now the TW6000s of route 3

    ... and 62 were literally standing in a queue.

    One after the other...

    ... and another. Neat! :)

    Meanwhile remise Kelenföld has partly been turned into the workshop for the Ganz articulated cars.

    Of course there are still UVs there, but also some Tatras for the rerouted (also because of the metro construction works) tram 18.

    And another sad "last time" occasion": the UVs of route 42...

    ... were replaced by Ganz articulated cars...

    ... just like those of route 52. The last night of the UVs here has been turned into a huge farewell party...

    ... and the next morning, something has changed. No more UVs after forty-something years...

    And this was not the end of the changes: the gutter-running reversing loop at Tóth Árpád utca...

    ... was also abandoned next month. But I'll show photos of that the next time :) Bye for now!

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