3. Qbus modules
by Ákos Varga (Hamster)

3.1  Introduction, warnings
3.2  Qbus system components, options
3.2.1  Processor  LSI-11 and MicroPDP-11  MicroVAX and VAX  Miscellanous
3.2.2  Memory
3.2.3  Mass storage controllers
3.2.4  Communication controllers
3.2.5  Data acquisition
3.2.6  Bus equipment
3.2.7  Video

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Note: These pages are for informational purposes, I cannot be held responsible for damages, loss of information/hardware or injuries. Take precautions, we're talking about sensitive equipment and electricity here! I gathered the information from handbooks, catalogs, UseNet postings and from my own experience, so I might be wrong here and there. Please mail me, if you find something that doesn't seem right!

3 Qbus modules

3.1 Introduction, warnings

As everything on these pages, the listings below are for informational purposes. I don't take responsibility for any problems, deffects, loss or damage caused by information derived from here. I don't quote full module specifications here, as there can be too many versions and revisions of a particular module. Full a larger database of the qbus (and UNIBUS, CTI, etc, too) modules please take a look at the Field Guide of UNIBUS/qbus modules!

3.2 Qbus boards: system components, options

A module can be referred to with the module number (which is in the format of Lxxxx-YY, where L is a letter (A, G or M), xxxx is a three or four digit number, yy is the revision #, for example M8047-YB) or the option name (which is normally in the form AAAxx-YY, where AAA is a three-letter "short name" or acronym, xx is a one or two-digit number (for LSI11 options it's mostly "11", but the same options can be used in a MicroVAx system), and YY is the revision ID (which hasn't got a trivial connection to the module number revision)). Examples: M8186 is KDF11-A and M7270 is KD11-HA. Of course there are exceptions: some modules have full names, without numbers, like the DEQNA (which is an acronym for DEc Qbus Network Adapter). Processors of the MicroVAX-class are labeled differently: KAxxx-Y, where xxx is a two-or three-digit number, and Y is the revision ID. An example is KA650-A or  KA42-B.

The module number is printed on the plastic handle(s) of the module, and is silk-screened on the PCB as well, but sometimes it takes a while to find it, especially when the letters became unreadable

Third-part vendor of course use other notations.

3.2.1 Processor LSI-11 and MicroPDP-11

M7264  KD11: The LSI-11 CPU
M7270  KD11-H: LSI-11/2 CPU
M8063  KXT11-A: SBC-11/21 "Falcon" Single-board computer
M8076  KXT11-C: SBC-11/21+ Single-board computer
M8186  KDF11-A: LSI-11/23, MicroPDP-11/23 CPU
M8188  FPF11: 11/23 Floating Point Processor
M8189  KDF11-B: LSI-11/23+ CPU
M8192  KDJ11-A: LSI-11/73 CPU
M7554  KDJ11-D: MicroPDP-11/53 CPU
M7616  KXJ11: Peripheral co-processor
M8180  KDJ11-B: MicroPDP-11/73, MicroPDP-11/83 CPU
M8981  KDJ11-E: MicroPDP-11/93 CPU MicroVAX and VAX

M7135/M7136  KD32-A: MicroVAX/VAXstation I CPU
M7606  KA630-A/B: MicroVAX/VAXstation II CPU
M7620  KA650-A/B MicroVAX 3500, 3600 / VAXstation 3200 CPU
M7624  KA640: MicroVAX 3300, 3400 CPU
M7625  KA655: MicroVAX 3800, 3900 CPU
M7626  KA660: VAX 4000/200 CPU Miscellanous

M7635  KN210:  "Mipsfair" CPU (Qbus-based computer with MIPS R3000 processor)
UNIVAX 68000: Qbus-based computer with Motorola m68000 processor, by third party

3.2.2 Memory

MSV11: 16-bit, 18-bit and 22-bit qbus and qbus/PMI memories
MS630-A, -B, -C: MicroVAX II memories
MS650-A, -B: MicroVAX III memories (MicroVAX 3500, 3600, VAXstation 3200)
MS655: MicroVAX 3800, 3900 memory

3.2.3 Mass storage controllers Disk controllers

M7946: RXV11 and M8029: RXV21
M8013, M8014: RLV11 and M8061: RLV12
M7740: KLESI-QA (RQC25)
M7164, M7165: KDA50
M8639: RQDX1 (RD/RX) and M8639-YB: RQDX2
M7555: RQDX3
M7573: RQDX4
M5976: (SCSI)
M5977: RQZX1
M7769: KFQSA

Emulex DM01 (ESDI - MSCP)
Emulex DM02 (ESDI - MSCP)
Emulex QD01
Emulex QD21 (ESDI - MSCP)
Emulex QD32 (SMD-E - MSCP)
Emulex QD33 (SMD - MSCP)
Emulex UC04 (SCSI - MSCP)
Emulex UC07 (SCSI - MSCP)

Dilog DQ246 (20 MHz SMD, SMD-E)
Dilog DQ235 (20 MHz SMD -> RK06/07)
Dilog DQ256 (24 MHz SMD, SMD-E)
Dilog DQ419 (SA800/850 floppy -> RX02)
Dilog DQ606 (MSCP floppy)
Dilog DQ614 (MFM -> RL01, RL02)
Dilog DQ616 (MFM - MSCP)
Dilog DQ619 (SA450 floppy -> RX02)
Dilog DQ686 (20 MHz ESDI - MSCP)
Dilog SM686 (20MHz ESDI + SA450 floppy - MSCP)
Dilog SM696 (20MHz ESDI + SA450 floppy - MSCP)
Dilog MQ606 (MFM + SA450 floppy - MSCP)
Dilog MQ686 (20 MHz ESDI + SA450 floppy - MSCP)
Dilog MQ696 (20 MHz ESDI + SA450 floppy - MSCP)
Dilog SQ706 (SCSI - MSCP)
Dilog SQ716 (differential SCSI - MSCP) Tape controllers

M7546: TQK50
M7559: TQK70
M7605: TQK25
M7196: TSV05
Mxxxx: KZQSA

Emulex TC02 (0.5" - TS11)
Emulex TC03
Emulex QT13 (0.5" - TSV05/TMSCP)

Dilog DQ132 (0.5" - TS11/TSV05)
Dilog DQ142 (0.5" - TS11/TSV05)
Dilog DQ152 (0.5" - TS11/TSV05)
Dilog DQ153 (0.5" - TMSCP)
Dilog DQ322 (QIC -> TSV05)
Dilog SQ703 (SCSI - TMSCP)
Dilog SQ713 (differential SCSI - TMSCP)

3.2.4 Communication controllers

M7940: DLV11
M8017: DLV11-E
M8043: DLV11J
M7957: DZV11
M8020: DPV11
M3104: DHV11
M3106: DZQ11
M3107: DHQ11
M8027: LPV11
M7500: KMV1A

M7504: DEQNA
M7516: DELQA
M3127: DESQA

Emulex CS04
Emulex CS09
Emulex CS22

Dilog CQ1610 (DHV11-compatible 16-port async multiplexor w/ modem control)
Dilog CQ1620 (DHV11-compatible 8-port async multiplexor w/ modem control)
Dilog CQ2101 (T1-based terminal networking system)
Dilog PM-DLV11J (DLV11J-compatible 4-port SLU)
Dilog PM-V7258 (LAV11/LPV11-compatible line printer interface)
Dilog PM-MFV11 (multifunction module: 2xDLV11-compatible SLU+LTC+bootstrap+diag)
Dilog MQ100 (multifunction module: DLV-compatible SLU+LTC+bootstrap+diag)

3.2.5 Data acquisition

A6001: AAV11 (D -> A, analog output)
A012: ADV11 (A -> D, analog input)
A026: AXV11 (analog I/O)

3.2.6 Bus equipment

G7272: qbus grant continuity card
M9037: qbus grant continuity card
M9047: qbus grant continuity card
M8012: BDV11 (bootstrap/terminator)
M9400: TEV11/REV11 (terminator + other functions)

3.2.7 Video

M7602: VCB01 (QVSS)
M7168, M7169: VCB02 (QDSS)
M7142: VK170 (serial video module, ASCII I/O -> CRT)
M7656: VSV21

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