This page is intended as a tribute to one of the most famous computers: Digital Equipment Corporation's PDP-11 series. This architecture was No.1 in the minicomputer business for many years, since the introduction of the first -11 in 1970, and... it's not dead yet! Many of these machines are still in use and Mentec still produces modules (processors) and operating systems for this platform. They're sure the PDP-11 is ready for the year 2000, and they know what they're saying...

Anyway, the PDP-11 series is already a legend, many of today's computer specialists cut their teeth on -11's at universities and colleges. The machine was so popular, that it was actually "cloned "in Hungary, The Soviet Union and Bulgaria when the Iron Curtain existed! But that's another story!

I wrote these pages without original documentation, I got most of the information from the PDP-11 FAQ and Web/Usenet sources, there could be mistakes. Comments and corrections are welcomed! Many thanks to the friends of retrocomputing, to the collectors and to the people on vmsnet.pdp-11!

PS: Please don't ask me for part numbers, spare parts, questions like "how do I boot up the 11/24 I got yesterday on eBay" and "how do I format a harddisk" in e-mail! I don't have the knowledge, nor the time to answer all the questions I get every day. Please try the newsgroups vmsnet.pdp-11, comp.sys.dec and alt.sys.pdp11, chances are that the people there know much more about PDP-11 systems, than I do, and they might help you if you ask politely!

Have fun!

Let's start!
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