Computer collections and other interesting places

This site would be just a few blank pages, if it wasn't for a few enthusiastics, who are investing time and money into the preservation of old computers and related items. Thanks for your help and thanks for the great pictures and infos you provided me!

Bob's Computer Museum
Paul Pierce's Computer Collection
Carl Friend`s Minicomputer Museum
Collecting Old Computers
Megan Gentry's Collection
Jim's Computer Garage
PDP-11 Home Page at Sunsite
CogSci 18 PDP-11 Page
PDP Unix Preservation Society
Stephane's PDP Page
PDP11 RT11 Games
Doug Jones's DEC PDP-8 Pages
Update Computer Club
Retro-Computing Society of Rhode Island
Computer History Association of California
The TPA-story: Hungarian DEC-Clones

The PDP-11 - Today!

Mentec - Taking PDP-11 to new Heights
A PDP-11 - on the Internet!
Update's PDP-11/70 via telnet!
PDP-11 emulations