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Autumn visit to Szeged II.

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And now let's take a look around in the city!

This is the joint terminus of route 3/3F and 4 in a suburb called Tarján.

Currently it's a stub terminus, so only bidrectional trams can be used on these services, "banishing" Tatras onto route 1 (there's no tram route 2 anymore)...

... but a double reversing loop should be built here very soon.

In fact so soon, that they've already started the contruction works.

A picture of what should be just a memory of the past in a few years: Bengáli number 821.

Nr. 820 has a more interesting history: it started its life as Budapest 3740, later 3722 and even later 1200, before being sold to Szeged. It was the prototype of the bidirectional version of the Bengáli.

Current plans forsee unidirectional trams on route 4 in the very near future, so the other terminus of the service, Kecskés, also received a renewal...

... with a reversing triangle instead of a loop...

... due to lack of space. I must say, this is interesting, because only very few reversing triangles have been built in Hungary for scheduled services!

Of course until the loop in Tarján is completed, the bidirectional Bengális use the terminus in the old way, as a one-track stub terminal.

Back in the city: the joint BUS + TRAM track running on reservation in Tisza Lajos körút, the "Small Ring" of Szeged, circling the inner city core.

This was a one-track section until 2004!

T6B2H double-set of route 1 leaving the Széchenyi tér stop.

An ex-Potsdam KT4D in the same stop, heading in the other direction. I like this stop with the green area and the trees between the tracks!

The same stop with a bit more traffic. This is the lower corner of the main square of the town, and also an important interchange point with the bus and trolley bus services.

And as the last photo of this report: KT4 number 204 in Boldogasszony sugárút.

Hopefully I can report even more changes the next time!

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