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UV learning cars

Numbers in the 7600 regime belong to training vehicles. The four learning UV's were originally normal traffic cars from the 3400-series. They were rebuilt in the seventies with special equipment installed for simulating system failures.

As you can see, the instructor sits behind the leaening driver and has swithes for controlling the error-generating electronics.

The panel with the said switches.

7660 at Éles sarok. The added equipment sits in the box behind the "T" ("tanuló": hungarian for learner) sign. The front and the side of the vehicle has red stripes on it to warn everyone that is not a normal tram.

Inside remise Száva.

7661 at Kőbánya-Hízlaló.

On the yard of the Száva remise.

On Hungária körút.

Just crossing Kerepesi út.

This tram won't stop here!

7662 in remise Száva.

Number 7663 inside remise Kelenföld.

In the dark...

Still 7663, on a cloudy late afternoon at the points before Gellért tér in Bartók Béla út .

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