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Sound of trams (UV and Benghazi) in .WAV!

The sound of the vehicles is an integral part of the general image of trams (and not just here - the inhabitants of Vienna call their trams "Bim" because of the sound of their warning bell). To tell the truth, our trams are a bit noisy - some of them even very noisy - but that's in their appeal!

The samples below were recorded with Mr. Ákos Baracsy's Kodak digital camera on normal traffic cars. The first two samples (Benghazi at Szeged) are a bit dim, but the other are quite good. You can use Microsoft Media Player, WinAmp, or some similar application to listen to them.

The Bengali

Photo: György Benda at Villamos.Budapest.Hu

The Benghazi is a very loud beast: the whole articulated tram has only got two weak motors producing a low-pitch grumbling sound, four single axles that squeek in curves and the chassis and body even amplify those noises to the extreme!

UV motorcar

Photographer: unknown

We recorded these sounds on Route 41. For those of you who don't know Budapest: Route 41 rides through a forest landscape (Kőérberek and Kamaraerdő - see picture above) with rare stops at its outer section.

2-axle UV trailer

After the ride on Route 41 we changed to the middle car of a 3-piece UV-set on Route 47 - the trailer 6000. These 2-axle trailers run very rough, sometimes you get the impression that the car will jump off the tracks - but it won't.

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