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Combino-Initiatation 1.7.2006.
First day in revenue service

At last, after extensive test runs it was time...

...  for everybody to try the new 54-meter-long Siemens "Combino Supra Budapest" (the long name is there to suggest it's not one of the "normal" Combinos, but a new design with bogies and a welded stainless steel car body) in real life.

In the stop Rákóczi tér. The platforms were raised a bit to make boarding more convenient.

New and old: passing by one of the numerous Ganz articulated cars running on the Grand Boulevard tram lines 4 and 6.

Number 2003 climbing up to the Petőfi Bridge.

Fehérvári út, the southern terminus of route 4. In the background you can also see a good ole' UV double-set.

One of the doors of the new tram.

In the bend of Margit körút at Török utca.

The other Combino (only two - number 2002 and 2003 - were used on this day) in Margit körút.

In front of a typical 1960/70's office building near Széna tér.

At the crossing of Podmaniczky utca.

The new cars are so shiny that they act like mirrors: if you take a picture of the sides, you wont see the tram itself, but only the surroundings being reflected back :)

I conclude this page with a short video (30 secs) of number 2003 entering the Fehérvári út terminus via a scissors crossover. Boy, this long thing snaking left-to-right-and-back looks really cool from the inside!

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