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Brno trams in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the night II. 

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Starý Lískovec is a huge terminus facility, and I just can't understand why the tram lines weren't extend to the housing area seen in the background. Okay, those houses might have been built later, but it would seem a logical thing to extend the trams there...

A few shots taken along the "plateau line".

To the left: the four-track facility near the railway station with pre-sorting points always impresses me. This place is built for heavy tram traffic, that's for sure! To the right: the terminus at Bystrc (located at another large housing area) was quite far away from the city, I almost fell asleep on the way there :)

Václavská, with 03T and T3G.

Mendlovo náměstí: these bulky vehicles are called KT8D5N - they are KT8D5s that were already built with a low-floor middle section (in contrast to the retrofitted KT8D5R.N2s). With those tinted windows they are quite LRT-ish.

As I mentioned earlier, the upper stretch through the inner city was closed. Therefore line 7 was running only to Šilingrovo náměstí (more precisely, to a less steep bit of the street leading there).

On the left we can see why the tram wasn't operating further :) Because of the lack of a reversing loop, the line was operated with bidirectional vehicles (KT8D5-somethings).

To the left: Královo Pole, nádraží is another terminus near a large housing area. To the right: a reversing 03T at Komenského náměstí.

The reversing procedure from different angles.

A vanilla T3 (one with a PCC accelerator) at Malinovského náměsti, and one of its St.Louis B3-like PCC bogie.

As you can see, Brno isn't quite flat :) By the way, I think the livery of the 13T (to the right) is quite disadvantageous - it looks like a bad photomontage.

And another strange set: a T3-modification called T3R.EV with a VV60LF trailer. I would not say that the look of this unit is very harmonic.

Riding the VV60LF. Strangely it was so loud as if it had motors - but it has none.

To the left: a set of face-lifted T3s (T3Rs). To the right: tram 13 (a T6A5 set) near Juliánov.

We're close to the end of this page, so here are two rubber-tired vehicles for a change: a Škoda 14TrR trolley bus, and a Karosa B732, which for me is the classic czechoslovakian bus of the eighties.

And that's all: a Karosa turning back in the middle of a street crossing at Česká.

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