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Nice picture, isn't it? Just like it was from an ad, eh? Well, it is :) MicroVAX II - Feel the power of 0.9 VUPS! In case you don't know what this means, Digital's VAX11-780 made and was VUPS 1.0. If you're into Alpha, this machine is 1/565th of an AlphaServer 8400.

Schkol was intended as an X.25 gateway for the dormitory, but it was never used for that purpose. It was catching cust for the last few years, but now it's back with NetBSD/VAX 1.2 BETA. It may be slow, but it can serve a few users, and it's also a web-server! And... it's the coolest machine around here (for your information: there is an AlphaPC, a SparcStation and an Ultra2 next to it). It also generates such a sweet noise, you gotta love it! :-)

But what is hiding inside the grey BA123 box?

  • KA630-AA CPU
  • 16 MB RAM on two cards
  • 2x150 MB HD (two RD54s)
  • a DELQUA ethernet controller
  • an X.25 card
  • 3 colling fans (they're a lot cooler than those good-for-nothing thingies in the PCs)

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Schkol has a virtual "brother". It's another MicroVAX II, called (mosogep means washing machine :-). There is another uVAX II next to mosogep, called mosogep2, and there's also a VAX 4000-200, but it isn't attached to the Internet (yet). Hopefully we will get some bigger VAXen too, like a VAX8550. We are planning to save some "old irons", more on that when we know for sure! ;-)

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